Let's talk about sobriety, being creative, and how the arms of the octopus that is life challenge us daily to become better people.


Life Is An Octopus

Alright. First, allow me to explain exactly how life is an octopus. A new, but so far very inspiring and lovely and crazy smart, funny friend of mine gave me the book Bird By Bird, by Anne Lamott. Lamott gives advice and insight on writing and life in general. In a chapter on how to tell if your story is done, she uses the visual of putting an octopus to bed. The second you think you have all of the octopus's arms - plot, characters, setting - cozily tucked in you realize two of them have broken free and are wildly flinging about again. She first heard of this image from some friends in recovery while they were describing what overcoming their addictions was like. This perfectly encompasses what this blog will be all about! I will be talking about starting to write again and the struggles and successes that come with getting those good ol' creative juices flowing. Being newly sober, I am looking forward to discussing the sometimes nutso journey of staying sober. And finally I want to discuss how, well, life is an octopus! The second I feel I have his (or her!) sucky, strong arms all tucked in - money in the bank, better relationship with the parents, new found passion for life - another arm swings itself my way - surprise! I'm an alcoholic! - and risks untucking the whole damn thing! Fortunately for me, I find it quite difficult to take a squishy, ooey-gooey glob of a head with eight spastic arms too seriously.

Laughs and snorts,


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  1. I'm inspired by your story and your writing, and we share a bond. I'm grateful to have found your blog, I look forward to following your story :)